Flower bulbs of the highest quality

J.H. van der Vossen B.V. is a specialist producer of high-quality bulbs for pot culture.

The collection is composed of three different lines:

1. Very Colourful: the basic assortment with Tulip, Hyacinth and Narcissus
2. Very Special: special selections by John van de Vossen
3. Very Exotic: special products of exotic origin

With our extensive range of products, we are now a comprehensive supplier of pot bulbs. We can supply customers with practically every type of bulb plant.

We devote much attention to quality, product innovation, and to creating added value for our customers.

The process

203917 Hyacinthus
We control the entire process from bulb to end product. Our bulbs are sourced from growers who satisfy our strict quality criteria. For example, our Lachenalia and Eucomis bulbs are grown in South Africa, while our Narcissus Carlton bulbs come from the Scottish highlands of the plants on our growers’ land.

Both in spring on the land and during summer in the barn, we continually conduct quality inspections to ensure that the flower and leaf formation develops in an optimum way.

We guarantee a successful result!

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Not every type of Hyacinth, Tulip or Iris is suitable as a pot plant.
We have selected the best varieties and are continually looking for new and different types.

Planting bulbs in pots is still a manual job. Our expert personnel is fully devoted to neatness and quality during the planting process. By using the best types of bulbs for pot culture, we guarantee a successful final result.

Our locations

There are two production locations:
The original location in Lisserbroek
The new location (since 2010) in De Zilk

At our premises in De Zilk we also have cultivation grounds where we can breed special bulb cultivars under our own direct control.

The bulbs are prepared at our own location in De Zilk.
In this way we also have full control over this aspect, so that the quality of our products is guaranteed even further.