Africa project

subsidiary of JH van der Vossen bv

Vosbol is a subsidiary of JH van der Vossen bv. This company organises a job creation project in the Western Cape of South Africa. Just outside the village of Nieuwoudtville there lies a plot of lovely sandy soil that is eminently suitable for growing the bulbous plant Lachenalia. The climate is also optimal for this crop. Many people from this small village have an income through this project.

Agricultural Department

The agricultural department is involved in the day-to-day running of this project. The cultivation of Lachenalia bulbs demands a lot of labour. Everything is still done here with by hand to avoid damaging this delicate bulbous plant. After harvesting, the bulbs are prepared for transport to the Netherlands. There the Lachenalia bulbs are treated by Vosbol to guarantee good cultivation as a pot or terrace plant. JH van der Vossen bv takes care of the sale of this plant to florists and garden centres throughout Europe.

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